Personal story about basketball…

As a kid growing up, basketball wasn’t my escape when it came to finding a way out of life circumstances. I played basketball here and there for fun and tried to compete on a team for a local after school program but the truth is, basketball did not fully become a part of my life until the age of 14 once I transitioned from American football. But the insight of this post is based on why I play the sport.

So basketball has been one of my greatest teachers throughout my journey and from what I’ve learned through the lessons of the sport, I cannot imagine learning what I know now from any other resource. It’s brought me through some serious adversity, challenged me mentally, defined my character, built confidence, learned about working on and with a team, great mentorship, developed great and awesome connections, taught me things I wouldn’t have learned throughly in school, and most of all has presented an unknown passion and love about the game.

With my college career, I played at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas and at a division one school called Iowa State in Ames, Iowa (Once a cyclone always a cyclone). I am blessed to have graduated from both schools and especially from Iowa State playing under Fred Hoiberg where his leadership lead us to winning back to back Big 12 Tournament championships. Now Although I may not be in the NBA, I stuck through and bared the challenges of finding an opportunity to keep on playing in which led to playing for the Bristol Flyers in Bristol, England (Number 1 city Southwest of London). The best thing about this opportunity with Bristol is that it consists of a very strong network, passionate fan base, and genuine people which makes sense for a growing situation.

The point is I’m opening up to why I play my sport and for the love of the game that I have playing the sport because out of all the sports in the world, I wouldn’t have learned merely what I’ve learned now if it wasn’t for basketball so thank you!

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