The Value of Character

When does character become present? (Take a minute and think about it)

Character comes alive when you meet a teacher that goes by the name of adversity and let’s admit, it is not a nice feeling. It’s easy for character to be biscuits and gravy when the road is empty but when you have different signals coordinating traffic from everywhere, then the question comes down to how character is going to respond or deal with the moment or the stretch.

Adversity is simply a moment that is meant to help you sharpen your sword. Adversity challenges character to find a solution on how the situation is going to be dealt while experiencing mixed-match emotions. So for example; let’s connect with the behavioral inner child. Let’s say the child eats a piece of candy or sweets from a bowl on the table everyday. After a while when the candy runs out and none is left, the child is disappointed and wants more but you tell the child there’s no more and you’re not receiving any more for a while.

Because that child is used to grabbing sweets everyday, the adversity approaches their character and then the character displays itself. Now it’s up to the child to navigate and understand how to emotionally deal with the situation but let’s be honest, there are people who live with that inner child behavior and when the person does not have something or the thing is taken away, their character comes to play. This can be applied in any and everything; materials, money, relationships, opportunities, mindsets, time, etc.

Now here’s the key with character; first of all, it comes down to being conscious then after that, it’s all about the peace, stillness and understanding that the individual offers to the “moment.” Lastly, now it’s about navigating through with the attitude of acceptance and focus to move on. The point I’m making is character should be an asset and not a liability to positive outcomes.

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