The Power of Transition

There are all sorts of transitions that can or may take place in our lives at any given time. What most tend to not acknowledge is learning to become present within the transition and think about the inner being as a whole. Sometimes, we’re so focused on where we want to be or what happened to us that we overlook the placement of our lives.

Transition is a time space or better yet, a room. It’s a space in time where you learn to become present of self. It’s a moment where you learn about what resistances are needed to be let go of to become the best version of you. It’s an opportunity to work on or build character, confine in personal development, bringing errors to light and turning darkness into brightness, clean up your plate and to also dig deep and find your why.

Along my journey, it’s been a constant transition one after another without control of self and after a while, there’s this feeling of questioning and emotions that starts to build up like why did that happen or why is there feeling of uncertainty here or there. Well that just comes down to knowing yourself and knowing your inner system. When it get’s to a point where it leads to becoming conscious, then at that moment, you have now become aware of your own presence and to go on, become more aware of your destiny. The point is, love and embrace your own presence because the transition is just a part of the process and on the other side of the transition is your destiny filled with greatness.

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