Valuing Balance

Imagine being in the moment of walking on a path and the only way of movement is forward. You come across a river with a stream of water flowing with aggression but there’s a log in the middle of the river with nothing else around that’ll get you across. The log is very sturdy with no wiggle room in the placement of the log but now it comes down to a case of conquering and finding a sense of balance.

However, that inner fearful voice kicks in because you understand that if balance is lost and have no way of redeeming yourself from the fall, then the arrival upon destination is unknown. Well as scary as that may sound, it’s not as scary as you think it is. See, it’s all in the mind and learning to overcome that instant fear comes down to a choice of either staying in the safety zone or conquering a fear only to balance a sort of weight that’s all in the mind.

What I’m saying here is if too much attention is given to one thing without balance of attention to other things, then that one thing or pull of energy is the only thing that’s holding self back from being open minded. Valuing balance can be physical but mental balance is highly important from you and what’s on the other side. And just remember, if you fall immediately after crawling out of your comfort zone (not pertaining to the log imagination but in life), it is ok. Think about it, babies do it all the times learning to walk.

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