Inner Courage

What is inner courage?

Courage is a simple term explained for having a type of confident “audacity” to explore or express and the only place that it can be found is within you.

Well what does it feel like?

Inner courage feels like an energy that just leads the inner being right into radical action. It’s an energy that looks at fear and just laughs. It’s a personality that isn’t scared to experience failure. It’s a side of you that wants to see what you’re truly made of in the midst of the process and not based on the outcome. Inner courage is a fearless state that can drive decision making, striving in the unknown, chasing your dreams and using your instincts and intuition to navigate through some serious conflict whether internal or external.

My point is courage is vital because if there’s no courage, then there’s a sense of holding back and if there’s a sense of holding back, then one is only holding back their potential self. And even if one does take courage and the outcome isn’t ideal, it’s a matter of what you learn in the process. If it’s focused in the right way, it can be a boost to one’s engine that can lead to excellence in pursuit of perfection so that’s why I encourage others to use inner courage as a weapon to overcoming fear, pursuing an opportunity or even changing something inside of you.

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