What is greatness?

Lebron James, Dr. Sebi, or even Bill Gates… I named these people because you know what they all have in common? They’ve used their mind and invested time to master their craft and once one has mastered their craft, then greatness waits on the other side.  For the youth, it’s a feeling that comes in when you’ve achieved the results that you wanted after you’ve put in some serious studying time for a test. For adults, its’ knowing that there is a certain drive and mindset you have to have in order to accomplish a goal or desire and once you accomplish it, you have a touch of fulfillment. Essentially it’s an energy that’s used in your time of work put towards a vision of where you see yourself being.

Greatness comes in a form of mastered confidence within your work and believing that your work will bring results effortlessly. One of the keys to greatness believing and in addition to that, you have a feeling of your work bringing excellence. There’s also a sense of peace that no matter what failures you experience within your greatness, that the inner “ultimate confidence” will still stand strong. Even when you feel pressure from external situations or circumstances, deep down there’s no problem because you trust in your work and your efforts. Greatness is also defined by doing the same thing and knowing that nothing can stop you no matter how hard forces try to hold you back. Sometimes, greatness moves things out of the way or even funnier, things move out of the way for greatness.

There’s a beauty in greatness and it lies within all of us but with reaching greatness, it’s a personal choice through recognition thus then taking a lot of energy. There first of all has to be a hungry mentality and that’s just in general. Then after recognizing that, a decision has to be made based on commitment to the time that it takes to master the craft. And lastly, once the decision is made, then it’s all about actions and taking actions of greatness. Once you get the feeling and you are at the point of where you want to be, you can say, “I’m on top of the world!!!” My point is greatness isn’t achieved by accident. It’s a mindset that aligns with thoughts and action and if you want to be great, then tap into your own inner greatness within because it’s there waiting for you. Don’t sleep on your greatness!

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