Life in Bristol

This is my third year being in Bristol and I must say, it’s been a growing experience. It’s been a space where there’s no other choice but to pursue personal development, experience a great feel of culture and vibe and seeing reasons why Bristol is voted number 1 city southwest of London (It’s lit as our generation says)! I’ve sought to experience different foods, social events, giving back to the community in any way, and being in traffic that can last for a few decades… Well at least that’s how I feel about it!

What I’ve come to find with Bristol is that it is a very relaxed city genuinely filled with good people. And I’m saying that from a Bristol Flyers player’s perspective! Cause unlike other places or somewhere else where the community can care less it just doesn’t feel like a benefit to one’s personal well being. When you’re around good people, it’s just something about the presence that makes you feel good on the inside. It’s nothing like being around positive energy! Especially with my mission which consist of giving back whether to youth, elders or just people in general I feel as though this is the right place to do what I was born to do. Of course knowing the right people matters as well and with being a part of Bristol Sport, I’m happy with being a part of an opportunity that provides of such avenues for the greatest path to success.

The point is, sometimes in life you know you only come across certain stations for temporary reasons. You have to make the most out of the opportunity that is sitting right in front of you and learn to appreciate what life has brought across your journey. Finding stability in yourself within the moment is key to appreciation of blessings because at the end of the day, if you decided to drop where you are for something that is unworthy and not meaningful, then you’ll find yourself not living a meaningful life. Well this may sound like minimalism but the truth is, living a meaningful life consist of having appreciation for the small things that matter…

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