Liberation… It’s nothing more than the inner being’s stillness free of the outer world and to add, the energy of freeness simply cannot be touched.  There’s this saying that the inner being or soul can be disconnected from the stresses, pressures or emotions of the outer world that is not of our true inner nature… At least from a enlightenment point of view. It’s like having a feel of control of your awareness within you even when things have shifted on the outside because even when things shift, you understand that you only shift logically but not ‘you.’

So diving deep within yourself before liberation, at first you are unaware of your thoughts and emotions but however when liberation from the mind occurs, you then come to terms that these thoughts and emotions only job is to pull energy from your awareness. Being a liberated being, you accept the facts of present moment and feel no resistance to the ‘what is’ no matter what circumstance you’ve experienced in the past, present or may face in the future, and that we can say is a part of peace. A lot of the emotions that individuals feel today are mainly derived from the unconscious mind because of not being aware of the ‘what is’ and that’s not to say that that’s a good or bad thing but it’s simply is what it is.

In addition to being liberated from the mind, you also know that the mind is just a tool and not a place to live from. See what the mind wants is to control your inner nature and  every aspect within the wholeness of you. That’s where the struggle begins! It truly comes down to the individual breaking the chains of the mind connected to the inner being and that comes down to how deep the person is willing to go. Now to do this,  there is a certain type of focused attention that requires you to ‘not be conscious’ but to ‘become conscious’ of you and only you and that is usually achieved through some sort of meditation or whatever helps you to connect to the inner being of you. Then once an individual reaches that level, then the mind now becomes a logical tool for logical necessities and not the control center of our personal inner universe.

In a nutshell, its just a simple tactic of letting go of baggage that the mind wants you to focus on. It wants to focus on everything that’s not of you and on things that are not truly of your nature. If you want to truly become who you are and live within your true nature, liberation from the mind is the best way to go and then once you know you are liberated from the mind, then you can say, “Liveliness is unstoppable!!!” That’s my best way to put liberation into text and hopefully one can take it and work with it! 🙂

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