Ever thought about how anchors can hold the movement of life back from progression? There’s anchors everywhere and sometimes we don’t even see it and what’s funny is that it can be found in relationships, money, perspectives or even self anchors in attitude or view of self. In fact, there are also emotional anchors and self limiting beliefs that can also hold back your being from progression within your true nature. For example, if you’re willing to move forward but certainty is holding you back, then one has to ask, “Is life ever certain?” Maybe to a certain extent but not all the time! A lot of times, anchors can come from the thinking mind, social influences, or even the pressures of expectations and if we learn to remove certain anchors, then one can progress to the hearts desires.

Now anchors are not considered positive or negative but if you’re motive or intention is to move forward, then one has to ask themselves “What are the anchors that are holding me back from what my heart desires in life?” Now I’m not saying, if you have a job drop it and leave it because of course that’s not the wisest thing to do but what is meant is that if you desire progression and fulfillment, then there is a sort of awareness that’s going to be needed in order clean and brush a few things off so that one can feel like they’re on the right track. Now here comes the challenge, once you realize what the anchor is or are, now it comes down to finding the energy to let it go and move forward within your journey. “Well how do you describe that energy needed to let go of that anchor?” The best way I can describe it is that it’s a spark of energy that arises from your intuitive or instinctive area and moves things within you that now requires you to act differently. And don’t worry, it’s not a negative energy but merely a moment of realization that now it’s time to change.

With anchors holding you back or either holding you down, they’re only creating complacency within your journey. As mentioned earlier, if your desire is growth or change, then one has to acknowledge anchors in different areas of their life and realize whether you’ll be able to move forward with these anchors. You were born to do more than to be complacent with anchors so acknowledge you’re visual dreams or goals and realize how some anchors are not contributing to your point of vision.

Think well to live well… 🙂

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