First time truly back…

On September 24th, 2017 a realization through my very own present moment didn’t come alive till halfway through the day. Now with my starting point in life, I was born in Greenwich where no governance was given to the direction of my life, well at least from inside looking out. Growing up as a child, you don’t even acknowledge the future and to fast forward the timeline 24 years later, I found myself playing in the very first BBL(British Basketball League) all-star competition in the London O2 Arena! So basically, I truly found myself playing basketball in my hometown where I was born, in my home city and in my home country. Honestly, it doesn’t feel or get any better than that because I know now that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be!

From unknown beginnings, to humbling experiences and then to blessed opportunities, I don’t even know what to feel or what to even explain because there’s this sense of enjoyment, peace, acceptance, excitement and embracement throughout this experience just as well at the journey. It hasn’t been till recently that I’ve decided to finally change a lot about myself  to become my greatest version, be a bit more aware and mindful of everything just as well as being unresistant to the present moment. There’s enjoyment playing for an awesome club, acceptance of the new changes taking place within myself, excitement because I’m ready for an amazing season and embracement of the position that I’m sitting at right now with my siblings and relationships around me. There’s not much more that I can ask for but just a few massages and dinner’s every once in a while (That was my sense of humor by the way)… And to make things even more special, once I came to realization with my present moment, it was like, “Wow! This is what life has brought me to now huh?… We have to have fun with this because this is a rare opportunity that falls into people’s laps…”

To be honest, playing for the first time in The London O2 Arena was an experience and moment that I will never forget and for life I am so thankful for what all I have came across whether challenging, adverse, sacrificial or even having to be patient with what I’m meant to take from the lesson because at the end of the day, the right “being” will attract the right things and opportunities!  The bottom line is I love life and accept what life has to offer because what I’ve came to realize is as long as you’re grateful and appreciative of what life may or have brought to you to go through, once gotten over the hump then life will have other blessings in store for you given that you have the right attitude and understanding of present circumstances.

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