Spiritual Enlightenment!

The energy from  spiritual enlightenment is unimaginable! Although enlightenment means not knowing, realizing who you truly are on the inside is beautiful and it’s something that goes beyond this reality… It’s way beyond our imagination that even our physical body cannot touch. It’s an energy that you cannot think to feel about because your brain or mind cannot even think within the presence of enlightenment! Only your soul and your being within the present moment can understand and grasp this. To further explain, when you accept the presence of your very own being and accept that the spirit behind it is not only with you, but is always within you, then one may find that the physical world is only something that is temporary but the soul and spirit forever remains.

With becoming spiritually enlightened, the starting point is usually through readings, meditation and learning to minimize or get rid of unconscious “mindful junk.” When I had first started, I asked questions about self because to be honest, I truly did not know who I was especially within myself. After going through what I’ve went through (bearing in mind we’ve all went through something) and have had to endure, I’ve had to learn to become aware, accept and forgive whatever has happened to my inner child. As easy as that sounds, it most definitely was not an easy process. It’s almost as though my scared side was in control unconsciously and I had never thought about bringing it to my proper awareness or conscious present moment. But after I brought all the pain, hurt, anger and other emotions to the light, learning to accept and to forgive was next on my to do list! The point with that is to find those emotions within one’s being that’s either holding your “being” down or back from achieving higher vibrations or more simpler, energy levels. With meditation, it’s one of the greatest tools that can be used into finding the most important things that drives our being; love, peace and happiness!

Spiritual enlightenment is powerful! It’s not an outcome but it’s a path to becoming your greatest version and in the midst of becoming your greatest version, you become what is called, “The center of your personal universe.” At this point, one is now more conscious of the within(Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually) and is able to think with conscious! During my spiritual enlightenment journey, I had started from the bottom beneath the surface and had to let go of whatever emotions were holding me back from growth. It’s achievable with patience and sacrifice and once one has achieved it, the feeling of being spiritually enlightened is phenomenal! -Just give it a try…

Think well to live well… 🙂

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