The power of enough!

The feeling of enough comes when two pointed ends called ‘discontent’ and ‘change’ meet at the same time. Discontent is the slight feeling of unhappiness that doesn’t bring about any benefit or enjoyment where as change is simply just change or better yet, reconstructing perception from one way to another. Why these two points matter is because if one wants change, then there has to be the feeling of ‘enough’ with an analysis leading on to making an internal decision for change. There’s always a road to change and with one of my favorite speakers named Jim Rohn, he said it best, “If you want something to change then you have to change yourself first,” and with changing yourself, there has to be the feeling of discontent somewhere. Now with having enough or running into the feeling of enough, it’s what one does with the power of it because of course, some run into it and do nothing and on the flip side, some may run into it and create change. Remember, allowing that “enough side of you” just comes with time and realisation thus when it comes, it’s almost as though a different perception takes over in the drivers seat.

-Motivating thought

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