Switching personal food diet…

For many, the topic of switching food diets is almost as similar as having a conversation about money… Not to many are open minded when it comes to change! Many think it’s restricting, some think it’s boring, hard or even complex. In fact, some don’t even think about the topic of changing their food journey maybe because of the condition of contentment. What’s interesting is when someone tries to switch or try something new, the first judgement is the comparison to what they know verses what is new and if what is new doesn’t match up to their standard, then its a case where the dissatisfaction approach takes over.

Speaking from experience, I was once too that person who ate ordinary food such as processed junk food, dairy, meat and anything that was ‘good’ but what changed for me was once I started to ask questions about pork and once I found out some research, my emotional thought process was completely dissatisfied. I immediately started to ask other questions about what else are we not supposed to be eating? What are we supposed to eat? Etc… To make a long story short, making the decision to change and grow wasn’t easy at first because it was something completely new. What helped was learning to take small incremental steps to take away those unnecessary foods that served no purpose. Therefore as time went on, what I found with making the transition is that changes within my emotional state and feeling more energized started to occur. Surprisingly, I just started this year in August and with the help and work from Dr. Sebi, Ralph Smart, and other speakers who touch on the subject of food, I have successfully became a plant based eater.

To conclude, the easiest thing about food is to stick to the mediocre or the ordinary but why not take one step into finding a ‘healthier’ type of satisfaction? Look at it from this perspective, would you want to know that when you eat healthier that you’re adding more years to your life? Or would you want to know that when you’re eating at a lower frequency that you’re putting you’re most precious asset at risk? It may not be easy in the beginning but as time goes on, it becomes easier and with a little excitement and creativity, avoidance of a relapse is easier to control. Besides, there are a ton of substitutes out there so don’t be reluctant!

-Have fun

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