Growth vs. Fixed mindset!

Which mindset do you have?

It’s quite clear and straight forward with the meaning of both mindsets. You have a fixed mindset, you have set ways which leads to a ceiling… You have a growth mindset you have a better chance of  growing into a better version of thyself within your journey. See I believe that a growing mindset is simple a way to unlocking your potential and reaching inner success as opposed to having a fixed mindset where you lock yourself into a room with “all you know.” The difference between what you want out of life or what you desire simply lies within your mindset but the only person that can change that mindset and break those chains is “you.” Everything you need in order to battle that pessimistic personality is there within you. If it’s trying to battle out negative thoughts, simply use positive self-talk. If it’s trying to ride the wave of adversity, simply use the power of resilience. If you get lost in your mind, focusing on your breathing and getting back into the present moment is key. It’s all a matter of what you tell yourself and how you handle present moment circumstances that are asking for a response out of you. The point is, we’re meant to grow and coming to the realization that “I didn’t know I can do that” leads to seeking the power of growth.

-Monday motivation

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