The path of the unknown

Today is game day as I write this by the way…

Anyway, never in my mind would I have thought of dreaming to be a basketball player but however, something about the sport just stuck with me. It’s like sticking two pieces of paper with glue (tape wouldn’t work like glue by the way… Haha). But anyway, today’s game is against Worcester Wolves live on BBC sport broadcasted in England online. Moments like these is what makes my journey throughout this sport fun and entertaining to be a part of simply because this is what makes the journey simply fulfilling. I’m already happy not just about life but because of my own internal happiness so therefore anything outside of my internal happiness only adds to it. But to touch on the topic, its just unconsciously embracing what a sport like this can do for one’s life and what valuable lesson’s within this sport can teach one on the inside… I guess it’s one of those sports that ever since the first day I started playing and participating in, there’s always been a challenge for me that I couldn’t seem to walk away from and with that being said, my target is my own inner confidence within the sport. This sport is definitely what has helped me grow that area of my life and therefore, will stick with it for as long as I possibly can till the wheels fall off! Haha

But here’s the link to tonight’s game and feel free to watch:

Start’s 7:30pm UK time


Think well, live well and be well! 🙂

-Mindful speaking


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