The Power of having a Conviction

When the word conviction comes to mind, I think of a “deeply” meaningful energy captured within an experience that drives action, mindset, personality, etc. It’s almost like having the inner being go through some sort experience that leads to a type of awakening. I was asked the other day, how do you install a hardworking personality in teenagers who don’t take certain moments seriously whether its in sports, school or just in life? Well that’s a tough one to find a solution for… The questions to truly ask are:

-What type of environment are they in?

-What is they’re upbringing?

-What type of mental toughness is being installed in the teenagers brain whether through a person or social surroundings?

-What is their intensity level? Or grit scale? And how much are they willingly willing to leave it all out there?

Finding a conviction can only be found within! It’s one of those taking your low moments  or mixture of emotions (disappointments, failures, misleads, anger, upsets, discouragements, etc.) and learning to channel them into a sort of power that people wouldn’t be able to understand but only you! If you understand what I’m saying, then go on a “inner” journey to find out what your conviction is and allow it to be your conviction but in the most humbled way.

-Think Well to Live Well! 🙂


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