‘Spark’ Octane

Well… It seems as though people in today’s world have either ‘lost’ their spark or haven’t found a reason within their purpose, let alone their life’s journey. You ever thought about why people seem unhappy with their work? Their relationship(s)? Their family? Or even perhaps within themselves? Even though those are vague questions, truth be told but nobody really knows and that’s we’re were going to dive deep into.

One must ask, what is ‘spark’ and how does one ignite it?

Well let’s look at a car from the mechanical make up side. Before the car does anything or goes anywhere, there has to be fuel in the fuel tank otherwise the car won’t move. So you have the fuel and then you have the process that the fuel goes through called combustion that helps fire the engine and keeps it fired until it’s turned off or until fuel has ran out. But that fuel cannot start the engine on it’s own. In between the fuel tank and the combustion or starting of the engine, one must have the right key to trigger the engine start up and the fuel to meet at the same time. And what triggers the two to create the process? A ‘Spark’ in the electrical wiring of the car. Let’s dive deeper…

So lets say that the fuel represents potential and that the engine represents movement or process. Everyone has the potential part in life but not many are able to access it and those who do, they use their potential to fuel their process because they’ve found the spark and what triggers that spark for the whole process to achieve certain or desired outcomes… Now that can be defined as reasoning!

Now how do you find that spark to ignite the potential?

Well that comes down to what your key is! And that key can be what you want it to but only you can know which key it is. It’s basically inward reasoning and sometimes, the keys can be love, security, personal conviction, passion, desires, needs, morals, principles, etc. It takes a serious inward journey and a surf through one’s own consciousness to understand and realize these type of things and in addition, once “one” centers their life around what matters and what’s of value, then one realizes that the world they once thought of isn’t the world they’re likely to live in anymore. At the end of the day, that comes down to one’s own perception.

In conclusion, to have a spark means that a key has been found to help innovate inward potential and use inward potential to fuel the drive of the engine. If one feels like they haven’t found their purpose, passion or even reason then now it’s time to find one simply because time is passing you by. Think about it like this, would you rather know that your car is moving in some sort of direction going forward or just sit and wait around until someone comes and pushes it for you? The decision is yours….

Think well to live well! 🙂

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