Progression towards the light…

We’re living in our journey and whilst moving forward, there’s that inner choice of either wanting to grow into a new sense of self or to stay the same within the moment(s) of your timeline. Let’s meet stagnation and progression and have a conversation to analyze both of their stances:


My name is “Mr. Stagnation”  and I’m here to tell you why playing it safe and standing still is the best thing you can do. If you go forward to try to grow, you’ll only hurt yourself and will only lead to self-consequences in the end. The best thing to do to avoid any further pain is to become or stay comfortable only in this space and this space only. You don’t want to know what else is out there because quite honestly, there’s nothing else out there for you. People will tell you why to not go that way and therefore, if you go that way, you might go through the same thing so don’t do it. In fact, fear will guide you on why to not do this or do that so trust it.

(Pleasure to meet you stagnation)

And here’s the other dimension that you’d want to meet;


My name is “Mr. Progression” and I’m here to tell you that taking the road into becoming your greatest version whether personal or public is the greatest thing that anyone can do. Becoming your greatest sense of self only requires you to spend time in your inward-self and if you have a vision, idea or even perhaps a goal in mind that’s aligned with your values and sense of purpose, remember that taking one step forward to the end in mind is only a sign of progression. Is it going to be easy? No, probably not but what’s not easy is worth having and if having to do work in the “ugly zone” is where the progression takes place then so be it because on the other side there are rewards and blessings awaiting. Just remember, that moving forward is only one step closer to where you see yourself therefore meaning progression so just hold on… We’ll get there!

(Pleasure to meet you progression)

Now that you’ve met the two of them, think about what side you want to take and build from there! The choice is up to you…

Think well to live well 🙂

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