Using passion as a source…

Passion is like a charge and even when everything else outside of that charge is dead, the charge still seems to find a way to stay or remain alive in the moment. Passion has a ‘deep love’ and that no matter how good things are going or how challenging things may be, the passion is still the heartbeat. When the word passion comes to light is ‘obsessed’ or even an ‘obsession’ and many times this can be seen as a positive thing but however, can be seen as a barrier as well. Often times, it’s dependent on how the passion in the moment is perceived.

What we see in today’s world is people working in jobs with no dreams, no desires, no vision and let alone, having a fulfilling life. You can have a job that you may enjoy doing or may be content with where you’re at in your journey and if so, then you’re fine but if not, then this message is for you. If you’re looking to make more of your life than what you have now, then now it’s time to start finding or even defining what your passions are. Finding your passions usually consists of allowing yourself to gravitate towards what you love doing or to even what truly adds to your happiness. You may be reading this and saying well “I have to have income coming in” or “may need to pay the bills” in which makes sense because it goes along the lines of survival. However, there are so many ways to have a source of income with the different ways that income streams are starting to become more aware and to conclude, that does not mean that you cannot find time to give thought to what your passions are. Only “you” are the deciding factor of what you want your passion to be or how you allow yourself to find your passion so why not find an interest that your can turn into something you’re most passionate about?

In conclusion, passion is a source of fuel and with that fuel it’s almost as though you’re putting ‘all of yourself’ into whatever it is that you’re doing because of having a deep sense of belief derived from your why. What you also find in having passion is that you learn to wake up on a daily basis geared to go because there’s always something that needs attention, fixating, adjusting or even teaching or sharing of information and so if you’re waking up dreading work, a workout or even dreading the planned routine for the day created by someone else, now is time to start finding your passions and what adds to your happiness. It’s how you look at it, it’s how you define it and how you trust yourself to carry out actions towards achieving a type of outcome using your passions and most of all, seeing it all the way through till the end.

Time to go explore!

Think well to live well… 🙂

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