What is love?

Love is a deep powerful sensation or positive vibration that can be directed towards what ever the individual wants it to go towards. One can say that love comes from the heart in which it does at first but most importantly, it has to be sparked by some kind of interest or something buried deep within you that you simply value or have a feel for. Then once this sensation is sparked then, “like” (if truly taken in) turns into love and then one can put that sensation into their career passions, adventures, relationships, etc. However, there is something missing!

Often times as humans, we forget what it means to have of self-love in which can be defined as having “I love you for who you are” type of outlook towards oneself. It’s the gateway to having a successful relationship with who matters the most which is thyself and once that sensation is felt, then reality changes for the individual. Self-love is also a frequency that sits on a wavelength or better yet, is above a certain level of consciousness. Having self-love (or even changing your vibration from low to high) is by far more valuable that having no love because it only creates resistance to things around the individual and also within thyself. So in other words, having self-love by changing the viewpoint of where one sees themselves and renewing inward energy only creates a happier and positive life for thyself.

To conclude, ‘to’ and to be ‘in’ love has to first start within and for most because if loving from outside in is ones initial way of thinking then life may be tragic if the things on the outside are taken away. Self-love can help alleviate most of those inward negative thoughts and feelings that some people have towards their relationships, jobs, careers, etc and may hopefully create a change within one’s life and in any area needed of change. So if an individual is seeking for a happier more loving life, starting off with self-love can be the best way to change how your energy in motion flows within relationships, work, passions or just life… Learn to love yourself!

Think well to live well… 🙂


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