Sometimes life can be a mission but however it is how we use ourselves to define or find out what our mission is.

One must first ask, what is ‘mission’ and that can simply be defined as an outcome that has been achieved through a conscious purpose. You have a place to get to and allowing any sort of resistance to get in the way is not an option. And it may be small resistances like having a mental phase of, “Ahhh I don’t want to do this today…” to physical inability like not being able to move in a particular way. However, we’re all here for a reason and finding what that reason comes with time so there no need to rush it.

Now when does your mission start?

It starts the moment you become uncomfortable with a particular idea or even having a particular sense of energy. At the point of realization, it’s like you have your ultimate why or even purpose to build on and then you just start your journey. Now what happens within a mission is neither a good or bad thing but is a case of different pressures that sparks action within your mind. And this can simply be anything like trying to change law for a more sensible reason, inspiring people to try new things, open up people’s minds to themselves, awaken human consciousness or even to motivate those to attain a new level of life. I personally believe this is one of the roads to greatness because as you go along in your mission, you find out who you are and what you’re truly made of! Then by the end of it, you have all this experience and knowledge that someone else can use in their lives. That’s the difference between mediocre and conscious purpose!  Whats your mission?

Think well to live well… 🙂


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