Open…What does that even mean from an in depth sense? (Short and sweet version)

The concept of being open is interesting but yet complex at the same time. Here’s how one may sense it; ‘It can be a way of being open with yourself and understanding the dynamics of how one truly works thus how at the centre of it all is conscious.’ On the other hand, it can be ‘a way of being open to those around you.’ What one may not seem to realize is that the ability to open up to yourself only creates opportunities for ‘fine-tuning’ or ‘fixating’ for the damaged-self.

To give a bit about myself and what I’ve came across, it’s one thing to be open to yourself and then it’s one thing to be open to those around. I struggled with both bits once but then somehow I just find a way to get over it and learn to deal with the moments of being open. It’s like it starts off within yourself (Can happen at different phases) on a journey of your own. By the time you become conscious, you come to some sort of sense or realisation within your  perception. Your desires is to dive into it but for some reason, the mind is holding your state of conscious back. But however, one may have a hard time with overcoming this level of resistance. I find it quite interesting because this can most definitely be something that can be overcame. Now how is it done? Well I experienced this through different types of meditation in which is a great tool to come into contact with “being”. (The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a great book that takes you on this inward journey. I loved it)

Now one may ask, what does this have to do with anything?

Well it has a lot to do with view of self, perception and sensation . How one may see themselves may affect the way they see things outside of them. This also gives an individual the opportunity to change their energy frequency from low to high, negative to positive or even allow a shift in a change of perception. The experience also offers a moment to change a from living in one space to another and with experience of this, it is so fascinating. Its like an energy of no other and with becoming conscious within your inner being just alters the way one sees life, sees relationships (especially with yourself), sees work or career and so forth. As stated earlier, this can take place anywhere in one’s journey or phase randomly and when one realises that is was for the better, then thing seem to be felt differently.

Being open to thyself and giving yourself a chance only gives you an opportunity to explore the unknown or unfamiliar territory and with having the right state of mind or attitude towards being open, it can change one’s life in many different ways from inward out. What matters to you becomes more important, how you treat yourself and others changes and how you see things just changes. All along I’ve never came to terms with this but now I realize how important this is to just be open to yourself…

Think well to live well… 🙂


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