It’s an important concept or even perhaps one of the most undervalued principles of them all. Balance is the pure centre between too much or too little and is the fine point for stability and peak flow. Finding balance only means focusing on the process between ‘what is on either side of you’ and ‘what is in front or behind you’ or even your location on the scale. What one may not understand is how to find balance between the dimensional inner beings of thyself or the point of where awareness lies.

The best way to describe balance is similar to being a driver in a car using the steering wheel to drive. Having a balance in the steering wheel only means having the ability to maneuver around corners that one sees coming and even though one may run over a couple bumps whilst turning or maneuvering corners, one still has a sense of balance or control within themselves. However, one knows that the steering wheel is not to be turned too far off in either direction for a long period of time because eventually one will come into contact with an object or steer the vehicle off course (may end off in a ditch somewhere… #jokes).

What’s even more important is having balance within thyself in order to create or execute the power of thy mind whether emotional, mentally, physically or spiritually. For example; stay angry, sad or depressed for long enough it only destroys what’s around and inside of oneself. Stay mentally disengaged for too long, one may be unable to complete the tasks at hand. Stay physically unconditioned for too long the physical body changes and spiritually… (I’m sure you know what I’m about to say) but staying unconnected to what is within oneself means lost from the world in which our Creator created for us to live through. But here’s the best part, there are solutions and with seeking to have balance between these states, one senses the awareness is enhanced within the moment. One becomes more aware of how things make them feel or think and upon this realization, there’s more stability or balance within thyself to use the necessary tools to think correctly within the moment.

Find out where your balancing point is in order to operate at your peak on a daily basis… Remember there are only benefits with being balanced!

Think well to live well… 🙂

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