Courage or being courageous can be a simple means of looking at fear or some sort of resistance and not only facing it but also giving the energy of resistance and fear a run for its money. With facing fears and overcoming obstacles that life may present, having courage is having a balanced sense carelessness but only in a positive way to help achieve the desired outcome that the resistance of the mind only seems to in the way of.

If a person has a desired dream to chase or wants a change, the energy that exists between fear and courage is the attitude that one has towards how they feel and what they see or experience. We all go through this, some different than others, but that doesn’t mean that the principle changes. This energy of resistance or fear can be in relationships, school, trying something new, transitions from one way to another, doing something new for the first time, or even within the moments or journey of change. Listening to various speakers, watching interviews, reading books and through experiences, what one may find is that the courage muscle is sometimes not our greatest strength or source of energy to overcome the resistance or fear lies within us.

Having courage requires a change in self-talk and positive affirmations that’ll help to become a better version of oneself within the moments of dealing with fear or resistance. The words “I can’t…” lives below a certain level of consciousness and stops individuals from achieving or going any further within their journey or experiences. To overcome this mindset of resistance or disbelief, courage can be gained with changing what one says to themselves inwardly. So instead of saying “I can’t…” one can change it to “I can and I will…”. If one says, “I’m terrible at this or that…” one can change it to, “I’m not where I want to be but I will get there,” and so on. It takes time to strengthen the courage muscleIt’s as it’s not an overnight thing. To conclude, the frequency of our thoughts and feelings creates patterns within our actions and if one can put themselves in a space where fear for the better or change cannot stand in the way of action because the courage muscle is too strong, then one can know that they can overcome and achieve anything but that’s if they truly want it.

Have courage in becoming your greatest version…

Think well to live well… 🙂

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