Personal Purpose with Positive Insight…

I’m new to being this way but I don’t care because somewhere in the cosmos lies my destiny in which one-day I’ll get to it! -Personal thought

This is not an easy thing trying to inspire the  generation today and those around me but oh well… I guess sometimes you have to just give it a try and see what works and what doesn’t. Sheesh… Sometimes I find it challenging trying to even inspire myself but surely I’m not the only one because everyone could do with an ounce or two of  inspiration to help us keep going, changing and growing. However here’s the catch, keeping fuel in the inspiration tank is somewhat like money… “As fast as it comes is as fast as it goes!”

What keeps me going is a variety of different things that’s tied within my experiences through thoughts and particular feelings just as well as having a desire to achieve through a particular way of thinking. What really inspires me is the facial reactions I get from passing along positive energy to those who could use it to exit out of a certain way of thinking in order to move on from a particular level of consciousness and that doesn’t serve them any purpose. I’ll say from talking to adults and teaching kids different ways of thinking and learning, I have found an interest within the psychological development of human beings. By passing on positive thoughts, words of encouragement, affirmations or even teaching kids about character, drive and attitude, this area is one of my niches where I feel most passionate about to help individuals get over the hump or to fight through a certain level of resistance.

Although I’m a professional athlete for the Flyers here in Bristol, I am also a mentor and public speaker that loves to work with young people in schools to help inspire change within themselves. Upon being a mentor and speaker, what I love hearing about is some of the adversity that young people go through these days and how their adversity impacts their mindset towards what they see outside of them. It seems as though our generation today (not all) is disconnected from what is within them and somehow along the human evolution process, there’s a few things that seem to be have been forgotten.

Now with those things forgotten, I live to help and inspire those who are stuck in a state of mind and even though I have my story with coming out of poverty and recklessness, it’s not a matter of what happened but the mindset behind dealing with circumstances that are internally challenging in the moment. In the book, “Think Like a Champion…” by Dr. Afremow, there’s a quote that states, “Adversity only introduces man to himself… -Anonymous.” That statement only says enough. Now you’re probably wondering what the purpose of this post was and it’s simple; I’m only introducing my purpose. You got that?

Think well to live well…. 🙂

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