What to do when you feel like you have nowhere to go?

Ever found yourself feeling like you’re on a journey and don’t know where to go?

As scary as that sounds is also as beautiful as it can be. Times when you feel like you’re lost in your journey or even clueless of where to turn to next comes down to three simple things:

  1. Stepping into the present moment
  2. Trusting yourself to use your inner compass to navigate through the clueless road.
  3. Turning inwardly to build a relationship with yourself

-The present moment is simply just detaching your awareness from your mind to take the time to see what’s right in front of you and then using your inner compass to find out how to make the next decision

-Your inner compass is like your inner senses or foundation on how to respond whether that’s with your mind, emotion, spiritual or physical sense.

-Turning inwardly means to see understand yourself, work on yourself and to value the relationship with yourself

These moments can come in any shape or form from school challenges, change of job/career, in relationships or even within your next transition after attempting to do something or try something new. Some times what you may feel is all your energy has just been pulled out of you and that when it’s time to step into the next phase, it’s as though your character is getting ready to come out and play. What I simply mean by this is character doesn’t come out to play when the sky is all clear and there’s no clouds in site… Character comes when adversity arises or when your back is against the wall and life is asking for a response. Trust yourself to do well and good things will happen!

Think well to live well… 🙂

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