Inner Clutter…

Imagine being in a room that’s empty and you have the free will to move things in and out of the room. However, the room is so empty that it feels uncomfortable so therefore you desire to move things inside of the room to avoid the feel of being uncomfortable or experiencing emptiness. However, it get’s to a point where the sensation of having enough is not quite clear to then somehow still finding yourself bringing more into the room because of the fear of being in an empty room. At this point, you should start to wonder if you’re brining in more than you’re taking out… A realization comes but then because of overwhelming thoughts and feelings, you ask yourself what am I doing with all this clutter. Well now the unfortunate thing is having to empty out what all you’ve brought into the room… This cost time and conscious effort!

In today’s world, we may find ourselves going through life with inner clutter in areas that we least pay attention to and with objects getting in the way of free movement only leads to one thing; distortion or having too much going on. Think about it for a second with trying to find a space within your room to have a peace of mind to operate at a daily peak performance. Now there’s only one small problem; there’s just simply too much clutter in the way. Unfortunately, you have to spend time moving certain objects out of the way so there’s some space somewhere where you can operate. Hard pill to swallow one can imagine. Now lets take that same concept and apply it to the human states of life.

Clutter can be found practically in the simple areas of our lives such as the mental, physical and emotional states of being. With mental clutter, one may find the mindset compressed with thoughts that either places their mental operation at a neutral state or at a state of conditioned thinking. Sometimes, mental clutter also can also stop the individual from opening up the mind to what is truly beneficial for other states of wellness within oneself. Emotional clutter can go deep all the way from how one feels within themselves which reflects how they feel about the world outside of them. Individuals that carry emotional baggage, whether from experiences or tough times, carry a cloud of energy where people have to find an umbrella to protect their own head from unpredicted weather (Uh oh… Just like British weather #jokesforlaughs).

And surely you know what’s coming next which is the one that some may pay least amounts of attention to and that is physical clutter. Although this concept can be applied outwardly, it also has an impact inwardly. Think of the word junk and not literal, but figurative and think of it in way where it’s like putting fuel in a car and having oil in the oil compartment of the engine. Sometimes times you have to change what you put into your engine in order to operate more smoothly. Our ‘engine’ operates based on what is put in so if one decides to put in low quality, best believe that the engine will not be at it’s peak performance. How? Well because low quality only means having low quality state of being and because of the debris that may be floating in different fuel pipes, it may cause havoc for the fuel pump that can be linked to the gunk in the oil compartment. Surely you get the gist of what is being said here…

Clutter is neither a good or bad thing but is merely a mean for new beginnings. With new beginnings it simply just means taking out and getting rid of the old to allow a new space for a clearer mind so that one is not wondering what can be moved in order to operate or take a seat more clearly. Some useful tools for removing inner clutter can be found within different meditations, listening inwardly and inverting inward living from outside-in to inside-out using states of consciousness. To have this space leads to having a fresh way of thinking that can help one to overcome thoughts that keep you down and out, be able to rewire emotions from negative to positive that can help one to feel different about themselves and to those around them and thus finally, inputting fresh fuel and oil so that one’s vehicle one can move better than before.

Any clutter you can think about that does not serve you any purpose that you can get rid of? And if so, what are you going to do about it?

Think well to live well… 🙂

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