Ever feel like sometimes you’re on a road and then all of a sudden you somehow loose the bit of energy or either something has taken energy that resists you from going any further? It’s almost as though you’ve started off with energy in the beginning but then later on down the moments of life, you for some reason stop to think about what am I doing this for and or why am I doing this? Sometimes it’s not that easy to keep on going but it’s not a matter of what road you seem to stay on but is simply a matter of how inwardly motivated are you to keep on going even if you have to change the course of your journey using “motivation”. Motivation has its perks but then there are its downfalls… The positive is that it inspires you to “put” your foot on the gas but then there are its challenges in which that are “keeping” your foot on the gas. Let’s dive deep into the concept of keeping motivation alive.

Picture yourself sitting in the drivers’ seat of a car that you’re about to be drive. You’ve turned the ignition switch for the car engine in which that is your “idea.” You already have fuel in your tank in which is the “motivation tank” and finally you have the engine and the object of the car that can be said to be “you”. So now that the engine is turned on now it’s time to move in a direction (hopefully forward… #jokes). Lets also factor in that there is the combustion process that takes place within the engine to keep the engine running or better yet the “spark” to keep the engine alive. That’s the “motivation window” but however here’s the secret, the movement of your car and the fuel used from the tank lies within the use of your personal “gas pedal”. That’s the concept of motivation and thus the idea of it.

Sometimes, one may be on a road or better yet going along a journey and along that road lies different turns and different levels of elevation. Just like being in a car going up hill, one is going to have to apply a bit more gas or petrol on the gas pedal for more combustion to move the vehicle going up. You may come across or even run into a dead end but then what decision is going to be made then? You may have to turn your vehicle around and apply a level of petrol in the midst of it. What one may find is that even if plowing through a wall isn’t an option, taking a detour may be the next choice but however, the car isn’t going to move if you don’t take the steering wheel and point it in the direction of change. And finally, here’s another understatement; you may run out of fuel but what are you going to do to recharge or refuel up? The “petrol gas station”… That place is found inwardly and those sources are in relation of inspiration, stillness, passions, enjoyment and changes in personal development that can help to refuel and get back on the road for the point of visualisation again.

The point of this blog is that motivation is an energy that comes from a sacred meaningful place filled with purpose (why) and desire (love). It’s almost as though certain areas within you are aligned to keep moving and even if ones looses a sense of motivation, there are resources to go back to in order to recharge and keep on going. Motivation is energy but at the same time is also balanced meaning that it’s not to much as to where one is rushing and missing out but not enough as to where one is not getting anywhere and still feeling like at a standstill. Unlike driving a car, you’re not going to drive at full throttle all the way or drive to slowly are you? (Hopefully not… #jokes) Just have to find the right motivation for a sense of fluid pace.

The ‘why’ and ‘desire’ combined with passion and enjoyment should be enough for motivation so build it and allow it to guide you…

Think well to live well :)…

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