Loneliness (Happy times)

Loneliness is like an empty space ‘within you’, whether mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, that can be visually compared to as an empty tank. It could feel like a dead energy or a heart that feels lifeless with a beat. It’s one of the hardest things that one may refuse to face in which that’s just simply human nature and what one may do to keep that empty space filled is to live within a false sense of comfort or confine in meaningless things. However, it’s not as bad as one may think it could be simply because it’s a space that can be used as an opportunity to fulfill that empty hole with meaningful things that can help one to value the most important parts of them all… Which is having a relationship with yourself. Let’s dive deep!

Loneliness can be your friend but then again loneliness can be your enemy. Here’s how it goes; one may find themselves living through a space of having to look on the outside to fulfill empty parts on the inside; that’s the ‘enemy’. On the other hand, one may find themselves self-fulfilling their lives at the heart of being alone with things that are enriching and purposeful that even if the world outside of them is distorted, then the world that they live within can still be at peace and happiness simply because there’s only one person to rely on which is you; ‘You’ is your ‘friend’.  Ever heard the saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” Let’s look at it from this point of view; allow your friend to fight your enemy or enemies with you to overcome the lost sense of self and by then, one may find themselves in harmony with the rhythm of life.

Loneliness has been given this psychological perceptual definition or idea that being alone is the worst thing to do or even allow oneself to be. Well let’s take a look further than just the idea or perception of being alone. First of all, the idea of thinking that one needs an extreme abundance of false material, multiple relationships and friendships, excess space or unlimited sense of boundaries only to fill emptiness on the inside is defined as having a false sense of comfort. One may ask, does having excess make one happy and satisfied in the mind to fill something empty or the mindset behind seeking what others have that one may not have that may lead to unhappiness and loneliness? What will happen if all that is taken away or one recieves everything and still feels lonely? Who knows… On the other hand, the idea of loneliness comes with a certain level of fear that one may not have enough self-efficacy to deal with this kind of space. For some, the space of being empty on the inside is one of the most fearful places and yes it makes sense but however, you learn to find yourself and who you are in those dark places. Finding yourself can be finding courage to change in order to turn your life around, becoming a better version of oneself, going places solo and uplifting individuals you come across and thus, even passing on positive energy to help improve the human condition.

Loneliness is a space individuals are fearful of but however, it’s ok! Nobody is alone and if you think you are then its going to be a point in  time where using positive affirmations and positive self-talk through meditation can turn  thoughts and feelings around. In a sense, your feelings can be your thoughts and your thoughts can be your feelings. However, using the words “I am…” within meditation and adding a positive affirmation or phrase afterwards (e.g. I am confident or I am genuinely happy etc.), then one may begin to experience changes within their thoughts and emotions that’s governed by the belly of subconscious mind. Remember, you are what you think and you think what you are in which can affect or alter the state of our conscious mind. So if you use positive thoughts, then you’ll feel more positively about yourself within being able to deal with loneliness.

Loneliness is only an opportunity into becoming your greatest version so don’t be afraid to be alone.

Think well to live well… 🙂

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