The Journey of Change

The journey of change… Well to be honest with you, this is actually an exciting topic to talk about as it comes to mind. So often in today’s world, individuals finding it hard to change or even just hearing about the topic of change basically comes down to a degree of difficulty that one experiences within “oneself”. Often times within the process of change, one may find it hard to let go of emotions, habit’s, patterns, toxicity and even changing or unwinding a conditioned way of thinking. But even then when one one tries to go down the process of change, one may find themselves entering the path of no direction or better yet, no light which ends up going back to serenity or what feels comfortable. But guess what, that’s ok because within the road to change, it’s not just about the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ experiences of change but is simply the lessons that one encounters within change that’s either going to do one of many things in which we’re going to dive into.

Change, only if placed within the right state of mind and heart forced by positive intentions can be one of the best things that an individual can do and even if not experienced in the short term, there are many long term benefits that may and come with it. For example; changing yourself into becoming a better version of you or even changing to help improve the human condition for those around us may not be rewarded to us instantly but then as one goes down their timeline within their journey, the universe will respond to what’s been done which then leads to one’s ‘future-self’ experiencing appreciation for making the conscious decision to change for the better.

Here’s another underestimated view of change; What’s growth without change? There’s all sorts of changes that goes on within growth and that can simply be applied within any area of ones developmental paradigm box or circle or whatever term you may use. However, the importance of change lies within the emphasis of growth and this simply comes down to how much one is willing to grow in order to better the life being currently lived (Pretty please…Don’t take offense with that one 🙂 ). To go even deeper, the emphasis placed on growth is driven by a multitude of different factors that lie within us. Your why or purpose, passion and hope, interest and excitement, service and value and most of all, foundation and centre that one has established for why they wake up everyday should also lead to your ‘being of growth’ to the necessary changes that’s needed to become one’s very own greatest version.

The journey of change, unlike any other journey never starts off pretty and or well but however, if it’s really of ones desire then obstacles of changes are only like guides that are meant to lead the individual to the road of successful change. Within change and becoming a greater version, there may be emotional, physical or mental experiences that may hold back or shake an individuals motivation and intention to keep on going but however here are questions for thoughtful motivation; How passionate may one be about growth and can one continue to embrace the experience of change? Sometimes change can also be applied to where one may have been going for too long and now it’s time to take a different route. Can one not say that change might be a must eventually later on down the time line? The important thing one may ask is what can be done in the hear and now to bring about the glorious fulfillment of change? These are only questions to offer insight to help see ‘change’ from a different point of view in a positive way.

If becoming your very own greatest version is of your particular interest, then it starts of with the journey of change… Stay humbled!

Think well to live well :)…


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