It’s quite clear that the roots’ within oneself is a vital element not just for us to live but also to help with the function of our process. Think of a tree and it’s anatomy and how it survives through the process of growth and change. The sources of the tree come from the ground and to go even deeper, a tree’s source or sources may come from all different directions. What does this mean and how does it relate to the human condition? Well… The quality of one’s life mind frame (tree of life) relies on the roots that are planted within oneself and how those sources help one to operate under such circumstances. But now the question is, are all roots meant to be under ones tree trunk? Let’s dive deep…

In today’s world, many experience the mind doing either one of two things; be the same as always and never change or be in a growth state of mind and aim towards becoming a better version of ‘you’. Being the same as always may only lead to one thing, no growth or journey stagnation. Yes it’s tough to unwind those things that have been learned over time and been made a part of the conditioned mind simply because of what we’ve been told growing up or what we’ve experienced growing up (nature vs. nurture). Growth on the other hand does wonders for the human works and functions in which simply leads to opportunity of change. Change is or has either become one of the biggest obstacles or even fears for some just simply because of the unknown territory that they inward find themselves to be in. However, tweaking the roots in which one operates under by taking your time and energy into the dimension of changing or can change the fear or emotion experienced when overcoming the obstacle of change.

Well how can one change their inward roots?

Start looking inside and raising awareness to the ‘5 W’s and H‘. Sometimes you have to ask yourself; where am I? Where can I add value? What can be done differently for improvement? Are my inward sources of good quality or are the sources toxic? What shall I keep? What should I get rid of? You get the gist of it…

It’s almost like cultivating a garden and with doing that, one is only cleaning up what doesn’t need to be in existence with your living purposes. Sometimes, some go through their journey not looking to make once of change to their lives and somehow or somewhere beneath the surface, there’s an ‘unconscious’ root growing that not paid any attention which then leads to the experience of unawareness of this unknown root. Change isn’t easy but with time and patience and directing one’s precious energy in the right places, ones garden will go from a low state of conscious to a high state of conscious. There’s going to be moments within the journey that yes we don’t want to experience but however, is not the experience that shapes us but finding out who we are in the moment of such experiences. If one is determined enough to overcome the obstacle to be on of the other side, then obviously, change must occur. One cannot change what’s outside of them but however can change the inward dynamics of operation…

It’s time to pluck out roots that serve no purpose!

Think well to live well… 🙂

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