A kid asked me…

What does real hunger feel like?

(And we’re not talking about hunger for success or harming others)

Real hunger… It feels like you have very strong desire. It’s like an animal in the streets thinking about their next meal and where it might come from and worst of all, there’s no telling when that opportunity may come. Sometimes, I had to step out of my comfort zone to take extreme measures. Sometimes when hunger would really kick in, I would go out in public to fast food places or small cafes just to see if any food was left behind. Wasn’t the best circumstance but had to do what I had to do.

Sometimes, being in the state of real hunger took me to places of having to do things that seemed abnormal but were normal but at the same time. When I didn’t eat for a few days, I would look into trash cans to see if anybody left any food that was untouched. From time to time, I came up with something and at other times didn’t come up with anything. As a kid not eating for a few days, I had also taken other extreme measures such as panhandling because hunger was at it’s worst and because I did that, I was eventually able to eat something. Surely you understand how life goes sometimes…

I find that tough people are made during tough moments and although this time is a bit different, there’s still a lesson to be learned. Sometimes you’re going to find yourself taking measures when you’re really hungry for what you want and that can be anywhere in life. You really want to get to that next level, well then how hungry are you? When nobody is in your best interest, how hungry are you to keep on going? Are you hungry enough to do what it takes? Or better yet, what if your comfort zone is making you hungry? Are you going to stay hungry or are you going to do something about it?

Motivational tips:

  1. Stay hungry!
  2. Never let your circumstance or situation feed you bread crumbs when you know you’re capable of eating a main meal
  3. Master your desires for meaningful and purposeful success.


Think well to live well… 🙂



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