When in doubt or lost of direction…

Sometimes you might find yourself in a tunnel and may not be able to see the ‘light’ at the end of it. It’s easy to get caught up having a lack of doubt, experience emotions of confusion or even a lost of confidence. Sometimes, you may even be tempted to give into giving up to allow the lack of possibility to eat at your thoughts. Understandable that it’s hard to see what’s out of sight and out of arms distance but however, there’s a powerful tool that can be helpful with seeing through those dark moments and it’s called ‘hope’.

Remembering at the age of 12 years old, there were always moments where I thought that this phase of my journey wouldn’t change nor end. When I was making life decisions like whether to keep going or give up, there was never a clear view of what direction I was heading in. There were times of fear, times of discouragement, times of giving up but however, there were also times where I couldn’t fall into the trap of my own circumstance because that decision wasn’t going to help or get me anywhere. So I kept on believing and having hope and to be fairly honest, I found it hard to give up even when I wanted to and because I didn’t, I live with hope ready to take on any battle that comes my way.

The keys below are what I believe in but however, they don’t have to be seen that way. Everyone is on his or her own journey and given that tough moments may come earlier or later, having that small percentage of hope might be the best thing that will keep you from drowning from a certain way of thinking.

Keys to having hope:

  1. It could always be worse
  2. Having confidence and resilience
  3. Remember that tough times never last

See sometimes in life you may feel like there’s no other way or no other route to take for a change of direction but with having just a little bit of hope when feeling like all has failed it can be your fueling force to keep on living. Hence too it might be your only source that’ll keep you going and getting through those tough moments or times.

Think well to live well… 🙂

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