How do you stay optimistic?

We’ve all heard the question, “do you see you see the glass half full or half empty?”

Well depending on how you look at it, seeing a glass half full is not such a bad thing if looked at from a positive side. Seeing a glass half full means that there’s so much more to gain and so much more to acquire because the journey has yet to end. You find that you have no limits on capabilities and understand the value of your potential. In fact there’s an abundance that has yet to be reached when we look at the glass half full and with looking at it in that way drives resilience even when you’ve surpassed the glass being full.

Speaking from personal experience, I’m always looking at the glass half full when it comes to furthering my journey. Why? With the mindset of looking at the glass half full means that I will never reach complacency because I’ve allowed conviction, purpose and vision to drive me to fill my glass even through success and failures. Only just sharing a personal story here but because of adverse times with going through homelessness and to being abandoned on Skid Row in Los Angeles California, that in itself just gave me a sense of conviction. What gave me purpose was how overcoming that experience created a sense of purpose and believing that there is a reason for living just as much as there is a reason for doing. And lastly, having a vision didn’t come till my later days but what I came to grips with was how having a vision could and would create a mindset to acquire the outcome of that vision.

Sometimes giving yourself reasons as to why do you want to fill your glass creates momentum from the half-full view and having those reasons cannot be to try and impress what or who is outside of you. That’s a danger in itself simply because you’ll have no control over how you feel and your view will be completely dependent on outside factors… It comes down to and from YOU! Believe that there’s always room for improvement and most importantly, there’s always time for development somewhere whether that’s furthering yourself and personal life to even those around you.

Keys for having optimism:

  1. Having a balanced attitude
  2. Find and establish your conviction
  3. Build upon your purpose
  4. Never give yourself a cap or a limit

Think well to live well… 🙂

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