The Ultimate Conviction…

Dear adversity,

You can’t break me because I’m too tough and too strong for you. And even if you tried, you’re going to have the hardest time trying to do so. 

You’ve given me heartaches, put me through heartbreaks, put me in a position of doubt to even making me question my existence. You almost made me loose my self-esteem and even shattered my levels of hope. You’ve put me in the toughest of places and to make me feel like this is the end and there’s no way out. Sometimes, I woke up on days feeling like I was nothing and meant nothing which unfortunately led me to experiencing a breakdown.


First of all I would like to thank you adversity for introducing me to the ‘breakdown’. The breakdown challenged my determination and made me think how bad do I really want it. Somewhere within those moments allowed me to find the strength that I needed to stop spiraling out of control. Other moments led me to where I felt that “This is enough! I’ve had enough of feeling this and now it’s time to change so I can rise above this adversity to be on top”. And when it came to taking action to rising above, nobody was going to stop me, not even you my friend. I eventually found the power, the willingness and the resilience that I needed to not become a victim of the circumstance which then created me into a fighter… And for that, it has now given me the ultimate conviction for living so thank you.

Key points:

  1. Allow your breakdown to introduce yourself to you
  2. Get to a point where you’ve had enough (in a positive way)
  3. Do what it takes for you to rise above the occasion with resilience and most importantly, don’t give up especially on yourself.

My main message;

Be so tough that adversity will eventually have to run away from you and if you’re going through a tough time just remember this, “Tough times never last but TOUGH people do…”

Think well to live well… 🙂

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