The Fight…

The fight between: “You vs. Your dream”

(Put yourself in this moment)

You’re in the first round ready to fight for your dream and do what it takes to make your dream become a reality. You’re squared up and ready to start jabbing at your dream and you decide to take the first hit. BAM! You made the first hit and now you’re feeling a bit confident. You’re confidence inspires you start striking to win but then the table turns. Now your dream has just thrown a jab that you weren’t ready for. Now you’re trying to regain yourself and before you have the chance, another jab is coming your way and BAM! You get hit again. You step back and try to figure out where that hit came from and before you know it BANG! An uppercut just made you stumble. The referee comes to you to make sure you’re okay. You reply with, “Yes I’m fine!” knowing that the uppercut actually hurt a little. DING! The bell rings and now you’re going back to your corner to prep and rethink this one. You decide, “I’m going to have one more go.”

Round two comes and you’re squared up again ready to fight again with a stronger sense of being. You attempt to take another swing but now you’ve just missed. Now in the moment of that miss you’ve just made yourself most vulnerable and guess what? You’re dream has just threw a haymaker at you and has now knocked you to the ground. Now you’re knocked out! In that moment of being unconscious, now you’ve started wondering and asking yourself questions like “Am I even good enough?” You question your confidence. You start feeling like you’re not built for this! You start beating yourself up to think that you’re skills aren’t made for this.

Life/dream: “4… 5… 6…”

You hear the count and now the question arises, “What are you going to do?” You have one of two choices:

  1. Stay down and remain knocked out to never find and acquire your toughness


  1. Get up and fight and even if you loose, you understand that every punch or knock out is just a learning lesson and stepping stone to finding the strength needed to fight the next round.

One round at a time. How bad do you want it?  You get the point…

Think well to live well… 🙂

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