(The Interlude…)

You’ve just experienced a knockout in the first fight with your dream and now you have a bad taste in your mouth! Now what?

Well now it comes down to you…

How scared are you towards putting up another fight?

If you’re scared, think about what you learned and could have done differently to then when the opportunity comes again, you’re ready to face it again. The best thing you can do is to learn from your mistakes and with having enough mistakes underneath your belt, you have a level of education that you will be prepared for next time you decide that you’re ready.

On the other hand, if you’re not scared because you can’t wait to get after it again and have a burning desire then go at it again with relentlessness by unleashing yourself. Your upset, disappointment, the fed up and the ‘that’s not happening again’ feeling can be used to turn experiences into a positive and more powerful one for overcoming adversity.

On the flip side, the question now is what elements are you going to use for the next fight? Your spirit, talents, potential, gifts, skills, courage, determination, will, resilience, perseverance, hunger, grit, strength, conviction, confidence, purpose, focus, power, support system? Etc. Picking a specific area would be the best approach but which area to start from is completely up to you and in addition, whenever you find what works simply build a foundation off of that.

Sometimes in life when it comes to triumph and overcoming adversity, people tend to give up on what’s hard and do what’s easy which is to give up on yourself and your desires. Most of this is dependent on self-talk and the inner foundation that exist within you and if that inner foundation isn’t strong enough, then now it’s time to find the strength within you to overcome. The message here is not to simply not give up and just because you got knocked out in the first round, live and breed that fighter within you because you know why?

You’re heading in the direction of greatness every time you fight for your dream…

Think well to live well… 🙂

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