Special Day for Street Children Worldwide…

It’s International Street Children’s Day and it’s something worth looking into!!

Over that last couple of months, a couple opportunities have presented themselves and one of them was becoming an ambassador for Consortium Street Children (CSC). CSC is a non-profit organisation that works underneath the United Nations to help change the laws and lives that are based around street children. The powerful mission that CSC stands by is to help protect the issues and to motivate governments to treat street children with equality.

As an ambassador and learning about some of the issues, it’s been mind blowing with some of the facts and issues that go on in today’s world evolved around street children. Yesterday in London at the CSC launch event, here’s what I found; in Florida, foster kids on average move homes anywhere between 80-100 times a year meaning that they can move from home to home 2-4 times a week. Another surprising fact is that in some places, governments allow local authorities or police officers to do child roundups. What this means is that when police find street children who have nothing or cannot find anybody who can be responsible for the child, they collect the child or group of children, put them in a vehicle or van and take them to a forest to drop them off and abandon them there with no where to go. And the list goes on!

What we’re inclined to do and also as part of God’s plan is to give a voice to speak up for street children and raise awareness that some of the things that governments allow to happen are first of all, not ok, not fair and humanly unacceptable. If anything, our creator wants us to take care and protect our children and stand up for them in the time of need and that time will come. I’m excited to be in this position not for me but for the greater good for what is right and for what should be considered fair. And punishing children for something that they have no control over to what happens to them is not one of them.

Here is a link worth looking into:

Consortium For Street Children

Feel free to have a look and be inspired to drive change!

Think well to live well… 🙂

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