The Pain of Defeat…

The pain of defeat is a tough thing to accept and especially when we feel like we’ve put our ‘all’ into something hoping to come out on top. We take our time to invest seriously. We take our positive emotions to keep us in the high seat of faith and hope. We take moments within our adversity to rise and overcome but however, still come to experiencing being given the short end of the stick. And by the end of it, we unconsciously then take our experience of coming up short as a lesson of defeat. By this time, now we question our capabilities and ourselves if we’re worthy of what we’re truly after.

See, defeat can go as deep within trying to accomplish a goal individually or collectively, trying to obtain a successful relationship, going for a dream, desiring a change or winnable outcome to even just trying to get ahead in life. One minute we think things are going well and we’re heading in a positive direction to then being slapped in the face with life’s obstacles and then life placing us four steps backwards. Sometimes it’s just a tough pill to swallow when that happens. It’s almost as though you’re at war with an enemy here or being on a plane when you think everything is going so smoothly to then experiencing moments of turbulence. (We’ve all been there)

But guess what? There’s always something to be learned. The most important thing is to believe that you do have what it takes to win and even if you don’t come out on top or to where you want, you’re still a winner because you’ve went through the dirt to pick up value and learned something about yourself that no one else hasn’t.

Secrets to handling defeat (these are easier said than done):

  1. Keeping a positive attitude and having high levels of confidence.
  2. Allowing pain and defeat to become fuel for your success.
  3. Having a self-relentless mentality to go after it again.


You just have to keep on going and remain hopeful through the seasons that will get you to where you want to be later on down the line.

“One the other side your defeat, there is a trophy waiting for you.”


Think well to live well… 🙂


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