The State of Happiness…

Look check this out…

The feeling of happiness isn’t dependent on anything outside of you (although it may be a small factor or an impact). It is not a goal to be happy because if it was a goal, what happens once you reach it? And if you do reach it, then do you look to have a higher level of happiness? And then once you reach that higher goal? Then what? More? Think for a second and think of where this is going… The illusion of having more happiness is what it simply is. An illusion! Even the happiest of the happiest can’t reach any higher levels of happiness (sense of humor there).

Happiness is definitely not a dream… What happens if the dream dies down? Does your happiness die down too? If that’s the case then sheesh, I may need plenty of dreams to keep it up. It’s definitely not a task because what happens if we fail to stay on top of that task? We may find ourselves working for our happiness and forbid this but what will then happen if we don’t feel like doing the task? We could eventually find ourselves saying “Oh I’ll do it later or tomorrow…” Then the next day comes and we say to ourselves, “Oh I’ll do it tomorrow…” Then the next day comes to again say the same thing and so forth. You see the habit… So now what?

See lets take the success, business, career, location, job, relationship(s), achievements and materials to ask ourselves some questions.

How do we define happiness? What does happiness mean to each one of us? What are the roots of your happiness? Are we happy within ourselves? Are we happy with the person that we are? How deep does happiness go within you? Can you be happy with everything? Can you still be happy with nothing?

Please excuse all the deep diving but this one I find interesting because it really does take you to go on a journey to find your happiness and what’s the meaning. Then once you’ve found it, then you’ll realise that you can live with or live without because… Ahhh you’ll have to come to that!

Think well to live well… 🙂

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