When you know your worth…

So many of us live our lives not knowing our worth or better yet, our own value. With that stated, this is where issues with self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing come to experience challenges. What we experience is that we think less of ourselves but deep down knowing that we need to think higher. We think we’re not worthy enough of deserving to have the bigger picture. We may also think that what is happening to us is our life when in actuality, its not. It’s just a part of life and the process of development. The unfortunate thing is that it’s hard for people to understand to wrap their minds around this because of the acceptance of ‘victimisation’. The mindset of “this has happened to me…” only opens up the gateway as to what plan of action are you going to take and this can lead to one of two things: 1. Either fall victim and become a part of what’s just happened or 2. Find the worth in you and rise above the occasion and deem yourself living with a higher sense of worth. Let’s find your worth…

So what is self-worth? Well really depends on how we can define it but lets put it in this context. It is knowing the finite currency that exist within you and knowing that you are worth so much more that you give yourself to be. It’s like realizing that you are far more meaningful and valuable beyond any means of this planet. The sensation of knowing your worth just brings a level of joy that nothing on this planet can help you find or even define. It’s realizing that you on the inside have so much to give that not only makes you a better individual but also creates a movement within other people to find their own worth. It’s also knowing what you do want and what you don’t want in life because you won’t allow yourself to feel any lesser than what already are. And to also put the icing on top of the cake, self-worth is also having a peak level of self-confidence.

That inner journey to finding your worth is important because you are worthy on the inside just as much as you are on the outside. Building and having momentum for your esteem is huge and with having high levels of it creates sensations of abundance that you can have for yourself. Our finite energy is precious, our time is meaningful and most importantly, our worth is priceless. And when we’ve came to know our worth, life opens up and changes.

Start with asking yourself questions like:

  1. Do you find yourself feeling worthless about yourself? If so, why?
  2. Are there any influences in your life that make you feel unworthy? If so what and can they be eliminated?
  3. Do you add value to your life? And if so, how?
  4. Do you contribute something far greater than yourself?

Hopefully the wheels are slowly starting to turn and maybe lead you down the path of understanding your own worth and once you have embraced your worth, the sky is the limit…

Think well to live well…. 🙂

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