The Road to Fulfillment…


Such an overlooked but yet one of the most blissful things that we can ever experience. It’s that fuel that desires to fill that deep level of emptiness or better yet; that part of our being that wants to feel a level of completeness that’s far greater and beyond ourselves that gives to us purpose. Fulfillment is a level of satisfaction that only we deeply know and can feel. It’s like we’ve put ourselves in a position to deliver for a greater cause towards building the bigger picture. It’s like knowing that theres a problem or issue that can be resolved that’s now asking us for a call to action and to put the cherry on top, it’s the deep feeling and positive sensations we get after we’ve made our contribution to something and has made a difference even if the outcome didn’t turn into a complete success. But here are the questions: How do we know that we are fulfilled? What is the road to fulfillment? How do we experience fulfillment? etc. Let’s dive deep!

When we feel fulfillment, there’s nothing on this planet that can give us this level of satisfaction. For example; let’s say we’ve discovered our gift in transforming human behaviour or impacting lives in a way that feels positive inside of us, things that we once thought that made us feel fulfilled now have became an illusion and replaceable with something irreplaceable. It defines and gives our mind the value to our existence because of course, what we really want to know as a human “why am I here?”. We have to discover what is our value and deep down we know the feelings of value but unfortunately, some of us only find that value in things that are either short-term or illusionary. However here’s the hope: That same value can be found within our lives and upon that realisation, we find that ‘beautiful bliss’ that exist. That “Ah ha!” moment from within cannot be replaced with tangible items. Plus too,  that “Ah ha!” upon discovery can be the moment where that emptiness that we feel inside of us has now been filled with a new profound direction.

Having a true moral compass and purpose can be considered other important elements for seeking fulfillment. A life without direction and purpose is like a moving ship in the sea without direction, a plane without coordinates or a car without a map. Eventually we’re going to find ourselves roaming around and potentially may run into a dead-end. Going through life and trying to make sense of it is already hard but harder if theres no foundation so why not put a blueprint together and give ourself a direction? At least having a direction governed by a foundation that’s based on the value that we can offer makes life fun, exciting and worth living for. Whether we have everything or not, the question is do we feel fulfilled or is there something inside of us that still feels as though something is missing? (Only you can answer that question).

Along the road of seeking fulfillment, there are parts and actions that can help fill into our fulfillment tank. For example; making a contribution, giving away for a greater cause and even trying to make a positive impact on somebody or with a group of lives can lead to experiences of fulfillment. It’s the ‘knowing’ that we are making a difference whether it’s to something small or large. And to be in a state of making a differences, it sometimes comes down to what is our backbone? Experiences? Something that’s changed our life? These are just simple parts that can be taken and used as a conviction for action and reason. Fulfillment is also knowing that we can take from a part or parts from our journey and are able deliver it in a way that moves human and emotional thought.

Finding fulfillment:

  1. Find the value in our own life
  2. Have a moral compass and genuine purpose far greater than ourselves
  3. Making a contribution

Filling fulfillment takes time, patience, a couple of detours, sacrifices, changes and potentially having to give up what we once thought in order to learn something new. And with allowing these moments to take place will eventually lead to the true blissful fulfillment that we all yearn for.

Think well to live well… 🙂

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