(A mental health fable)

So what is the ‘thing’ that we want to get to?

The answer is the ‘point’ of the mind and liberating out of a certain way of thinking.

Deep diving time…

When we talk about the mind… Boy… Can it be something else. It can either be a weapon or a best friend and that’s whether or not we have clear conscious control or a level of self-awareness and once we stop to have a think, then now here comes the realisations. We may discover ourselves in a place of despair only to find ourselve in the middle of no where. At least that’s how it feels when we stop to think for a moment but however, what we don’t want is to keep the same level of thinking that has got us here in the first place. A wise man once said, “Think how you always have and you’ll always be where you are”. So if the same level of thinking from particular area of the mind has kept us ‘hostage’ within a sense of thinking, then we may find ourselves somewhere knowingly that we didn’t even want to be here in the first place. But however, it’s not the things that happen to us but its how the ‘point’ of the mind operates our thinking. 

Let’s think about things such as unresolved stress or stressors derived from events, circumstances, experiences, trauma and whatever else we can think of… One may ask well what do they all have in common? Well they’re either burdens that affect our ability to move forward or lessons that shift and transcend a particular way of thinkingWhat’s  pragmatic about this is that if we loose a sense of inward control during these moments then what we may experience is not having a clear view or what is it at hand. Sometimes in life, we may come across things that can direct our mind to go in either one of two ways; 1. To a self-defeating being or 2. A progressed soul. Either way the process during both outcomes are neither pretty and that’s because of the constant readjustment to painful changing experiences whilst having to recover from some sort of emotion after each and every round. 

See, life can slap our us with events and circumstances that we didn’t see coming and most times, what we’ve experienced was a level of discomfort that we disliked or felt bothered by. What happens without no clear conscious is that our mind decides to get into the drivers seat to take over making it challenging for the experience of liberation to take place. So what then? (Now this is where the ‘point’ of the mind comes in)Ultimately, whichever way we point our mind towards lays the difference between the two different outcomes. Allowing our mind to take us down the destructive self-defeating path only leads us to disaster and we’re talking about disaster on all levels: physical, mental and emotional plus spiritual. But however, if we take these experiences as lessons for building and uplifting it only leads to progression. And if we really want to progress, we’re going to change and at some point liberation becomes the experience. And all that can be said is that once liberation has taken place, life is full of beauty on the other side…

Main point:

The mind is like an airplane and which ever way we choose to point the nose is the outcome of the direction.

Think well to live well… 🙂


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