Anger… (A positive reflection)

I’m upset, furious, devastated, moody and overreactive! Don’t mess with me otherwise I will react and you don’t want me to react otherwise I’m going to hurt something. Life, you’ve thrown me about, took me for a joke, discouraged me, destroyed my confidence, hope and belief for better days. And now I’m left here on my own to figure my way out. Then what happens next is when I start to figure out a direction, you pull me right back to a place where I don’t want to be. It’s like every time I think to have found the door, you’ve thrown away the key. Ahhhh… No more!!

(An emotional fable not to be taken literally)

Sheesh! (Don’t worry, I’m not angry)

Anger, just as much as we all know it can be the big picture of many small pieces of the puzzle. From such events, people, circumstances, upbringings, failures, rejections and so forth, the negativity of the moments can introduce the individual to a certain level of thinking. Now here’s the catch, if a person is introduced to a certain level of thinking and is not aware within this moment, then now an emotional seed has just been planted. And as long as we stay at that certain level of thinking, then life will eventually throw more inevitable circumstances, people, events and much more at us that will inconveniently hold us hostage in a cell with negative emotions. Ever found yourself in a place and stopped to ask yourself “Why am I even here?” That’s probably because somewhere within our ‘being’ it’s realised the unhealthiness of this emotion and has recognized the dangers and the traps.

See, the best thing to compare anger to is an anchor. You know… The big heavy metal steel-iron thingy that weighs down a ship to keep from drifting off in which that’s what anger does if we let it. By letting anger keep us hostage from other emotions (especially the positive ones) only creates difficulty with being able to reach the highest level of thinking, which is abundance. Another thing we find with anger is that it could potentially become toxic where we may experience effects in places like our energy, mood, health and even within our spirit without even knowing it. At this point, we have to seriously just slam the ‘stop’ button and just see where we are (easier said than done) and ask ourselves if we really want to go down this road. Anger can come from a place of confusion, a place from past events, a place of outlook or perspective or even something that hasn’t been resolved from childhood experiences. And if these haven’t been inwardly addressed and admitted, then we may find ourselves being driven by something else. At that point… we’re in trouble! (Might have to kick what ever is in the drivers seat out of it to take over).

But hey there’s always a way to deal with anger and yes its easier said than done but hey, it’s worth a try:

  1. Write down what makes you angry and where it came from. (Self-discovery)
  2. Ask yourself if the anger is used positively or negatively (Realisation)
  3. Ask yourself if this anger is worth holding on to. (Is it time to let go?)

Hey, there’s some things in life we’re simply not meant to hold on to and one of them is anger because it takes away from us…

Think well to live well… 🙂

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