The Obstacles of Faith…

Picture this scene:

You have to walk through a forest through in the dark without any map or location. The starting point is at the forefront but without any map, you don’t know how you’re going to get through the unforeseen treacherous and unfriendly environment. You enter the forest and without any site of what’s ahead, you begin to question whether or not you should have walked through this forest in the first place. Bare in mind, you are walking in the dark but you do have a few sources with you which is your flashlight or torch and your instinct. At this point halfway into the forest, you’re just trying to get through this environment using survival mode and feelings. You’ve heard all sorts of noises that shook your nerves a little bit, had to make a couple turns because of near caught traps, had to turn around because of being in the wrong territory and have had to find a place to sit for a minute to have a think for a second. You’re tired, hungry, confused, frustrated and worst of all now you have to figure out how to get across a river with a fast stream. Upon that, you’ve also came to a realisaiton that turning around isn’t an option so now the only option you have is to keep heading forward.

Upon looking for ways of crossing the river, you’ve looked around for what resources are available and what bridges are potentially of good use to cross. Some tree trunks led right into the water halfway, some didn’t fall the right way or broke in the midst of trying to get to the other side and in addition, some paths that can be taken might mean that you have to try and fight through the rough stream where there’s boulders and rocks ready to destroy anything that flows its way… Yikes! And stepping stones… Good luck because the water seem like its ready sweep you off the steps you do take every time you jump. So what do you do now? Potentially find something that’s sturdy enough and build a bridge for yourself? Try and run as fast as you can to jump off the edge like an Olympic runner trying to see how far they can jump into the sand pit? Or maybe even try to swing through the obstacle? Who knows…

Well… However you decide to get to the other side in your head is completely dependent on your creative mind and gut instinct. See sometimes in life, having faith is like walking through a forest at night without a map and not knowing the environment whilst having to trust your instinct and use the most precious thing that you have which is that little bright light inside of you. See we never know what’s a head and although we may struggle with seeing the outcome, what we do see is what’s in front of us and what is that? Well it’s the present moment.. Just like in the forest with not being able to see what’s ahead fully, we are able to feel what we’re walking on. We’re able to feel what’s around us. We’re able to sense if there’s any danger. We’re able to focus through the area and process with a different level of thinking. We’re able smell… You know what! (Haha #jokes)

The point is when we run into something like an obstacle or some sort questioning where we need to figure out how to get across, our faith and instinct has carried us this far that there’s no choice but to keep on moving forward. It’s simply just about making a sacrifice and with finding a solution. In retrospect, this is where our faith is most challenged when we come across something that’s jabbed at our blind spot that is now asking something different of us. The message is that wherever you are in life, having faith maybe the difference between resilience to keep on going and quitting. However, with obstacles that challenge our faith are only building blocks and stepping-stones to having a stronger faithful being so by remaining confident and determined, you will rise above one way or another. Let’s go!!!

Think well to live well… 🙂

One Comment on “The Obstacles of Faith…

  1. “See sometimes in life, having faith is like walking through a forest at night without a map” exactly! Great post! Thanks for inspiration 😊


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