Challenge of the week

Change is painful and sometimes the experiences of change can lead us back to going down the same road that is unhealthy and unbeneficial to our lives.  It’s almost as though many of us choose to stay on the same road that has pot holes, traps, landmines and looking up ahead may lead us to falling off a cliff. And sometimes when we realise it, we may find it hard to accept that theres going to be a change that needs to be made. However, on the other side of change is a reward and that reward is satisfaction and happiness. Understandable that the success of change takes times and with giving yourself momentum within the start of change then eventually you will reap the rewards of the change.

So here’s the challenge:

  1. Find one area within life and become aware of how this area is making you feel.
  2. If that area makes you feel uncomfortable, ask yourself if there is something that is meant for me do here. (There’s no right or wrong but just awareness and feedback)
  3. If that area, road or path may lead to the edge of that cliff, look for other roads that can get you back on track or on the more ‘lighter’ path of thinking within your journey.

Sometime to win, we have to make changes.

Think well to live well… 🙂



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