The journey…

Who? Why? And what?

Guess those questions could be the guidance keys for what direction we’re meant to be heading… Sometimes we feel like where just here and that’s it but the truth is that we all have a purpose in life and if we don’t know what it is then we can create one. We’re created and designed to work towards something whether that’s building a dream to inspire, establish a vision for a group of people or society, to offer a service or partake in a particular mission to install elements that we may find benefiting. The unfortunate thing is that the journey is not going to be easy nor is overcoming the obstacles that we may come face to face with later on in our journey. In addition to some of those experiences, we may even loose site of why we’re here. That’s why it’s always important to create life stone centralised within our lives so that we can always go back to our own inner compass.

The ‘why’ sparks curiosity like a child curious as to knowing why are you doing this or that? That same feeling can be experienced within our daily lives as to why am I/you/we doing this in which is usually our driving factor for our chosen or given sense of direction. Understandable that the answer may not come right then and there but with time we will eventually find out. What is interesting is that when we don’t know why we try to create one in our own mind in which we think or tend to believe. So for example; not knowing why we or you personally speaking leads you to trying to find answers that make sense. The hard part is find answers that fit within our life journey. Yikes! If that’s not clear in your head then the best thing to do is to spend time with yourself and figure out what sticks with your why.

Who are you? Well that’s a matter of whatever we put at the end of “I am…” Our lives are filled with opportunities all around us but the sad part is that we are not the opportunities that exist. That goes along with associating ourselves with our occupation or position in a company to who we may think we are only to make us sound more empowered and intimidating(jokes). Unfortunately, they are only experiences that we are having or found to be apart of in which we created as an opportunity within our mind. However on the bright side, we’re bigger and deeper than that and to find that out only takes time and using an inner conscious ready to crack the ceiling of what seems to be holding us captive of our true inner joyful nature. So who are you? Personally I play basketball, partake in coaching, mentoring and also motivational speaking. But those are just experiences, not who I am. I always tell people I am a spiritual being or a human who happens to play basketball. Why? Because if stopped playing basketball, then who am I afterwards? All about the journey…

The ‘what’ comes down to finding what we’re born to be do. Now that in itself is a challenge because when we’re not introduced to different ways of thinking around and about our journey, then the challenge to find the ‘what’ becomes more difficult the further we go down our timeline. Eventually then, we could potentially give up on it only to say to ourselves that I wasn’t born to do anything. That’s the trap that we fall into when it comes to giving up within our destiny or even to our life’s upcoming blessings. Words of encouragement but even if the ‘what’ doesn’t work out the first time, there’s still plenty of other routes to be taken that will get you where you desires are. It’s just a matter of what needs to be done or what is meant for our doing. That can be exercising your gifts, making a difference sharing something of yourself, showing your talents or even leading in ways that are God given.

It’s one thing to be on a journey but it’s another thing to know your journey or at least have an idea of it. It’s not a simple hack or yet simple answers to find and neither is it a straight line trying to find those answers because these things take time. One day you may find that you’ve found the answer to then next minute having to re-wonder everything and then letting time find purpose and reasons all over again. Sometimes we may be left with a blank page stuck and confused with what to do with ourselves next. All I can say is that this is a journey people filled with a lot of “stuff” whilst trying to figure out what to do with it. First and foremost, figure out what to do with your “stuff” first for clarity and foundation building then figure out what to do next. That’s the beauty of having and idea of this journey.

Think well to live well… 🙂


One Comment on “The journey…

  1. Great post. And yes I agree that sometimes we feel like we are just lost not understanding where we are in life or what we should do next. The journey is sometimes confusing but going through hard times are always worth at the end 🙂

    Have a wonderful day🙂

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