The World Within…

Although the world outside of ourselves may not always be pretty and days of sunshine may not always exist, the world within us is always within our control. We have the power to decide how we want to feel, create our future and to construct our reality. Often times, it’s the outer experiences that we allow to decide how we operate within ourselves in which determines the world within us and how we move forward. Ever just came through an experience and after coming out of that experience you feel like a part of you was taken away? It’s like loosing that central bit of sunshine or centre of empowerment that we often times go back to in order to feel centred and somewhat secured again. It’s almost like feeling grounded again and being stabilised to feel like we’re back in control. However, there is a task and that is ‘knowing’ the world in which you are run by: the outer vs. the inner world, extrinsic vs. intrinsic, external vs. internal, etc.

Please if you know the difference then great and if you don’t then that’s great as well because here is some food for thought. What we see in today’s world are a ton of gaps within people interpersonally. How do we know? Well just through intuition and having the ability to understand an individuals way of thinking through human psychology or even more powerful, human connection. So for example; when at least coming to understand human experiences, we learn to understand how these things affect the individual from mentally, physically, emotionally plus spiritually. People who are going through something within their own lives bogged down by stress, pressure, feeling stuck or lost, I always ask them have you taken that ‘personal’ time to spend with yourself? Explored who you are inwardly? And by ‘personal’ time, I mean personal selfish time? As in 10 to 20 minutes of me time? And here’s how I know when individuals haven’t: because their busy talking about what they’re worried about, what’s not right and even being talking about what doesn’t make them feel a certain way in which is understandable. But the problem is that talking about those things only defines that their world is lived through external experiences. This creates avoidance from within when in fact, in the time of despair and troubles, looking at the world from within is the key of the moment.

However, the good news is that even within your worries, fears or emotional troubles, you can still find that ‘personal’ time needed for clarity. There are 24 hours in a day (if it’s true) and surely you can find those 10 to 20 minutes of personal selfish time somewhere in there. Put a reminder, set an alarm or even dedicate that time within an hour of the day to ground that inner self because it’s benefitting. Here’s a list of things you can do; Find out what happiness means to you, fulfill yourself with hope, joy, self-love, paint a dream, install ambition, determination, have a vision, ask yourself questions like what do you want to get out of life, meditate, seek what your gifts/talents are, set yourself a goal, make a list of 5 things that you’ve always wanted to do, travel, make a difference, volunteer, etc. At least find that courage to take one step to come out of a certain way of thinking to love and appreciate yourself with who you are on the inside because at the end of the day you are worthy and you do deserve the very best out of life. But first and foremost, those rewards come from the work that you do within in which the objective here is to reach a level of abundance and joy that nothing in this world can take away from you. That’s true sunshine right there!

Think well to live well… 🙂

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