Mindful goals of the week!

Having a sense of direction can lead you towards getting out of that tragic place called complacency. Sometimes when we feel stuck, getting unstuck means finding out how did I even find my here in this seat in the first place. Sometimes its like having an arrow and just shooting it at a target without a purpose. At least if you give yourself a purposeful goal with a meaningful target then you have a reason or at least a why as to why you are wanting to accomplish what you want to accomplish.


This will take 20 minutes to do but sit down and come up with two goals from the soul, the heart and from inner exploration but focus on one at a time.These goals can be in anything from health, education, exploration, etc. By doing something or giving yourself a target can help you towards getting out of that stuck position that we all dread of being in or yet facing. Don’t make it easy so challenge yourself! We’re abundant with this and don’t worry, I am always giving myself goals so I’m here with you. Let’s do this!

Think well to live well… 🙂

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