Feelings of giving up…

It’s true that not everyday is going to be clear and sunny. It’s true that not everyday will be filled with positive experiences. It’s true that we’re not going to win each moment as though we deserve it especially when we know we’re worthy of the opportunity. It’s true that life doesn’t always have our back just as much as we want it to. Sometimes it’s true that the people that we want in our lives are not always going to be there. It’s also true that areas of our lives will punch us so hard that we will struggle to withstand the impact. So where does all of this us to? Well after a while, one experience after another, after another and after another can place us in a position of giving up where at that point questions, realities and emotions are going to have to be faced.

In today’s world, we find that giving up seems to be the easier option but then again it depends on what experience is. Take for example someone giving up on a certain way of thinking. When we thinking of giving up on a certain way of thinking, are we giving up for a better sound mind or giving up because of habit and avoidance? Sometimes our thoughts can lead us in one of two ways. If we’re thinking from a place that doesn’t give us much reward or benefit but are willing to give up that way of thinking so new information can come in then that’s a positive outlook. However, the opposite is where we find most of ourselves on a daily basis. We find it hard to rewire our thinking because we’ve set ourselves so deep in our beliefs that trying to reconstruct it seems like a hefty task. The best question to ask is whether or not has the way you’ve always thought and acted brought you the results that you’ve always been looking for? And has the way you’ve always thought kept you where you are? I guess it depends on what you’re giving for and on.

Lets take another example: giving up on opportunity. Are we giving up to make room for the new and allow our life to manifest what we truly desire in our hearts? Or to just sit on a sofa to watch opportunities go by? Personally I am a firm believer in finding your passion, your love, your personal ‘excitement’ and what you enjoy doing not just in work but in the personal life aspect as well. Those are things that keep us electrified and determined to keep going. That’s something that we wouldn’t want to give up on! Understandable that sometimes we want an opportunity so bad that when we don’t get that opportunity that we feel as though the opportunity didn’t see the value in us which now leads us to questioning our worth. Now here are the challenges:

  1. We either allow the opportunity to dictate our worth and settle for whatever opportunity comes.
  2. We can continue to find the value in ourselves to attract the opportunity that we desire
  3. We give up finding anything and hope that life throws something at us that lands us something…

The only thing that you need to know here is that you are valuable and most importantly, you are an asset that opportunity will come running to you.

Now giving up on ourselves… This is the biggest challenge of them all! I always say that its one thing to give up on something that’s pulling something away from you like your happiness or joy but another thing to give up on yourself. This is where we’ve just introduced ourselves to self-destructive feelings, thoughts and actions. When we think of giving up on ourselves, we’ve let our inner self down so much that we get to a point of self-suppression. You keep yourself down and just allow the emotional mind to take over. We sometimes tend to act out because of a series of bad experiences that consisted of disappointment, pain, anger and anything else that we think of. These are signs of the low-self making it hard to try and become uplifted because we’re holding onto emotions that don’t serve us any purpose. We’re not meant to let it sit and manifest to destroy us. In fact, my message here and advise here is to take what you’re feeling and turn it into something powerful! Now that’s what you’re meant to do with it. Take that energy and create something amazing with it.

Given the fact that each one is a bit different because they each entail a different experience filled with different emotions and thoughts, the principles and the baseline is still the same. Giving up on ourselves denies us from anything that we truly deserve to be deemed as positive. We suppress everything of what we know only to suffer but yet we know deep down giving up is not an option. See if I had given up a long time ago, I wouldn’t be here right now and so I know if I can do it and continue to keep on going no matter what, you can too!

Think well to live well… 🙂

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